10 Most Promising Critical Infrastructure Protection Solution Providers - 2018

10 Most Promising Critical Infrastructure Protection Solution Providers - 2018


As critical infrastructures act as the lifeline for the functioning of a society, they are being increasingly exposed to a bevy of highly sophisticated cyberattacks. With malicious actors infiltrating the critical systems, lying in wait for the right time to cause catastrophic damage, the security and the administrative teams are running against time to thwart the impending catastrophic damage. There is an urgent need to improve communication and collaboration between different stakeholders across the operations and network management to realize foolproof protection.

The stark reality of modern cyberattacks on the critical infrastructure underscores the inadequacy of IT departments and equipment operators. The attacks also expose the shortcomings of the dedicated security teams. To realize modern critical infrastructure, administrators and security teams need to have technology solutions that allow them to better coordinate with diverse people and systems across the public and private sectors to identify the real threats lurking in the critical systems. There is a need for high quality analytics capabilities that would allow teams to proactively search through networks and datasets. Security tools that blend threat intelligence and automation with the security expertise of the cyber experts can save the day for the critical infrastructure.

With myriad critical infrastructure protection solution providers in the marketplace, CIOs often find it complicated to choose the right vendor for their outsourcing needs. To assist companies to choose the best critical infrastructure protection vendors, a panel of prominent CEOs, VCs, CIOs, analysts alongside the CIOReview editorial board has evaluated and assessed scores of critical infrastructure protection solution providers that are at the forefront and shortlisted the ones that are distinctly prominent in the field.

We present you the “10 Most Promising Critical Infrastructure Protection Solution Providers - 2018”

Company Name

Company Description

BlackRidge Develops, markets, and supports a family of products that provide a next generation cyber security solution for protecting enterprise networks and cloud services
Digital Global Systems Provider smart spectrum monitoring technology for telecom, transportation, utilities, public safety, government and defense organizations
Genetec Standardizes the common aspects of security operations within a single platform to help operators become more productive and minimize operational costs
ISS Provides a multitude of integrated solutions that forms a security blanket around critical infrastructure sites to address both security and safety concerns
Liteye Systems Provides critical infrastructure protection solutions including Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems (CUAS), helmet mounted displays (HMD), thermal imaging, and surveillance radars
Owl Cyber Defense Solutions Provides data diode and cross domain network security for governments, businesses, and critical infrastructure
Prometheus Security Group Global Leverages a unique mix of cutting edge surveillance technology to deliver advanced capabilities addressing critical security requirements
Telesoft Technologies Develops cyber security, telecoms mobile products, and services and government infrastructure
Tenable Serves government agencies’ specialized cybersecurity needs to protect their complex networks against ongoing threats, ensuring systems and technologies are in place to mitigate risks
Zimperium A mobile-threat defense solution provider that helps enterprises secure employee devices and detect a threat, on the device